Re: Magic 5.x And AB040

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 09:14:47 +0100


> > So Petr, have you got the opertunity to test any ET4000 cards with the Nova
> > adapter?
> Well, I still haven't got the NOVA adapter itself. Something wrong happened
> to the money I sent to Germany :-( But the lady at our post office told me
> it might take up to three weeks, so I am still waiting...


I hope it will all be sorted out.
> Does anything get one spare Mach64 card for me yet??

I don't think so. I'm still waiting for a reply from a guy, but he looks
to have lost contact with space or something. I realy hate when people
don't even answer a simple email. :-(

I havn't given up yet though.
> > > Hopefully N.AES 1.2.0 will look better.
> >
> > So, does anyone know anything about it? I have heard about it for some
> time now
> I was told N.AES 1.1.8 was running in Neuss.

So what's new?
> > but nothing has surfaced yet. And changing the look of it should be the
> > easy part.
> WinX for N.AES would be cool.

Sure, or get MagiC. It has got the features of WinX and some more and some
less. ;-)

//Magnus Kollberg
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