Re: Magic 5.x And AB040

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 12:44:29 +0100

> > Does anything get one spare Mach64 card for me yet??

Ehh, I wanted to write "anybody"

> I don't think so. I'm still waiting for a reply from a guy, but he looks
> to have lost contact with space or something.

Please try to contact him again, thanks.

> > > > Hopefully N.AES 1.2.0 will look better.
> > > So, does anyone know anything about it? I have heard about it for
> > time now
> > I was told N.AES 1.1.8 was running in Neuss.
> So what's new?

I haven't seen it, I was in America :-)

> > WinX for N.AES would be cool.
> Sure, or get MagiC. It has got the features of WinX and some more and
> less. ;-)

I am happy we have the possibility of choosing between two good native
operating systems - MiNTOS and MagiC. People at other computer platforms
have to stick with just one... So let everybody use his/her favourite OS
and we all can be happy.

Just imagine we would HAVE TO use just Windows (or just MacOS)... Uhhh,
that's scary!

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