Re: two SIMMs

From: Marc-Anton Kehr <>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 15:51:35 +0100

Hi Petr,

>I have just uploaded third AB040 version of ataboot to usual ftp.zlin
>place. The filename is ABBOOT33.ZIP. Please test this, it should finally

Yes I've tested this version and ABBOOT34, but sorry, they didn't
work when two SIMM's connected. With one SIMM (16 MB) it works very
well, but if I connect the second one. Booting breaks up with:

        Problem: block on freelist at 000f2c0a isn't free
        Out of memory for swapper
        Internal error: bad swap device

        Kernel panic: VTOP040: bad virtual address 504f600 (0)
        In swapper task - not syncing

Sometimes the message looks a little different, but always something
with "swapper"

>BTW, don't forget all things around Linux must run in ST-RAM only, so
>please clear FastRAM flags in the header of ataboot.ttp, OK?

I deleted all FASTRAM-Flags in the ataboot.ttp.

Hope it helps to find the error.

Ciao Marc-Anton
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