Atari not yet sold :-(

From: Laurent Favard <>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 09:33:05 +0100


Unfortunetly I found out today that Atari was not sold to Activision or
Williams. I E-mailed Jhon Skruch today asking about the post on Jaguar
Interactive, to see if there was any truth to it. It is not true, not yet at
least. Here is his full response:

Truth: We had a problem with our server and it took a few days to fix
     it. The Web site is now back up.
     Truth: When asked if I would ever move from here I said "if I did it
     would have to be near palm trees." My wife is a native Californian
     and would not live in a climate that had snow.
     end of story.

Atari is still under control of JTS. However if you go to Atari Gaming
Headquarters ( and then go to the news section,
says Activision is interested in buying Atari, so we will se what happens.

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