Re: AB and Nemesis

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 08:52:37 +0100


> 1. NEM_HI causes considerable screen streaking. Since I can't use
> that with the AB anyway, I guess I don't have to worry about that.

I thought the AB040 normally didn't work at all at this speed, but
your does but with disturbance on the screen right? This should be that
the ST-RAM is to slow. You could try to change the ST-RAM to faster
RAM and see if it fixes the problems.
> 2. With the AB installed, the Falcon does 2 boots -- once through
> XBOOT, then a reset and then a complete boot, bypassing XBOOT this
> time. One of the AUTO programs causes a 2 or 4 bomb boot, but the
> process continues anyway. I've yet to figure out which because it
> appears to be whatver runs immediately after the reboot.

Strange I have never seen this.
> 3. Floppy access causes 2 bombs or a reset. This is obviously a
> problem. We stuck to the 150 pf capacitor rather than the inductor/
> resistor mod and I suspect that's the problem. Is it really okay to
> steal two inductors from the motherboard? What is the best way
> to do this. Or is the floppy problem unrelated?

I have no idea.
> 4. GEMBENCH shows the FPU at only 48% of a Falcon. I was expecting
> much higher. The CPU is at 309%. Ditto there. I haven't added
> NEM_LO to the mix yet, so maybe that will speed things up. Overall,
> the system actually slower than my old PowerUP2 even though the numbers
> say otherwise. I'm sure that's just my perception after working 4
> hours on the installation.

Well either you havn't installed the FPU patch or you havn't got a RC040
and only a LC040 without FPU.

//Magnus Kollberg
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