Re: AB040 And floppy disk

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 10:41:08 +0100


> i'm just thinking that i have a small problem with the floppy disk:
> i have got just the AB040 + 16 Mo EDO, and when i try to access to the
> floppy disk, without any disk inserted into, somes bombs occurs ( i didn't
> remember how exactly....i think two bombs), and i must reboot the falcon
> when i'm under pure-c, for example.
> does anyone know why ??


Wasn't there a bug in one of the TK? I remember that I had this problem
at one point but that they went away when I changed TK version. There
could ofcourse be another problem.

To bad that Doug isn't on the list now. He could probably have anwsers
on most problems.

//Magnus Kollberg
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