Re: Running and the AB040

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 08:57:29 +0100


> > > As I figured out that if no one buys the few games that come out for the
> > > Falcon these days, we probably wont see many more. Good eh? ;-)
> >
> > that's logical, isn't it?
> I haven't seen any games that's worth buying either. IMHO the few
> Falcon-games that has been released looks like they belong on the PC:
> Great graphics and sound, but not much gameplay.

There is one game I would like to have and that's Robinson Requiem.
Apparenlty the CD-ROM version, which is supposed to be much better as well,
have a 040 version which is said to be very nice indeed.
The problem is that I have no CD-ROM, if I had I would order it right now.

But I agree with the above.

Another game I might buy is Crown of Creation 3D.

//Magnus Kollberg
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