Re: Floppy working?!?

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 10:07:44 +0100


> I turned on both caches, just to see if I can run with them and
> the floppy drive started working! The really good news is I get no
> SCSI errors with the caches on _even_ running Diamond Edge. I'll
> turn them off when optimizing, just to be safe though.

Great and a bit strange... but if it works. :-)
> The only program that doesn't work, so far, is a French AVI/MOV player,
> ANIPLAY. I own a registered copy of M_PLAYER but have preferred
> the former's interface. Oh well, not much of a sacrifice...

It doesn't? I use ANIPLAY as it's one of the best programs I have
found for the Falcon. It's realy nice if you ask me and works
without any problems here. Okey I do have a problem and that is
if I use the DSP option in TC. Then the program crashes and the
computer gets stone dead. In any other colour depth it works just
fine. As a side not I always run ANIPLAY with the DSP turned off
as I found out that it's actually much faster without the DSP as
with! So now it works in TC as well. :-)

Plays about every animation I have found at full speed. The latest
version is 1.20 and is VERY nice indeed and also dithers the screen
in 16 colour mode. Yeah it realy rocks!

//Magnus Kollberg

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