Re: DMA Errors - weird fix?

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 08:42:30 +0100


And I how has just orderd an ZIP drive.... not very happy reading all this.
But maybe I'm lucky...

> I got a similar answer from Uwe when I reported that autobooting with
> HDRRIVER 7.13 was giving me some problems when the Jaz spins down and
> restarts... partitions J-O have the same contents as I.. in fact I think
> if I write to them it actually (thank god!) writes to I.
> [As I previously said I can work around it by turning off AB caches and
> running MEDIACHANGE.TOS, then re-reading each partition before turning
> caches back on]
> Although Uwe didn't think it was a HDDRIVER problem he did say he would
> check the HDDRIVER.

Well I know that Doug was a bit worried over HD-Driver as he worried
that Uwe was optimizing it a bit to much. It's a very importat part in the
system and can't fail. I better have a slower driver than a super charged
driver that lose data from time to time.

Maybe it's time we write our own HD driver our self? :-)

Is there any source code for such thing that could be used to base it on?

Maybe it could be part of the Fenix project.

//Magnus Kollberg
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