Re: I got the NOVA - still need the Mach64

From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 11:35:30 +0100

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Petr Stehlik wrote:

> I have just got the NOVA Falcon interface, together with 31 pages of manul
> in German (I don't understand a word of it) and a diskette. Now I need
> "just" the ATI Mach64 card - don't you know about one for sell, please?

Unfortunelately no :-; They're pretty hard to find these days (I guess
that's why CI has stopped manufacturing the Nova-cards), but if you're
persistent you'll eventually find one.

> How difficult is to install the interface to the Falcon? Is it just a matter
> of plugging it on top of AB040 and connecting the clip at the C110? And as

It's easy to install the adapter, but with the AB there's a couple of
things you have to deal with:

1. The fan/heatsink might be in the way. It was a *very* tight fit on
my Falcon, if it doesn't fit at all you'll probably have to use some
spacers to raise the adapter above the fan/heatsink.

2. The connector on the ribbon-cable (from the Falcon to the AB) might
be in the way. The solution is to replace the pins on the AB with
angled one, or use spacers.

3. For some reason the two sockets on the AB's through-port aren't
parallell! So to fit the adapter you'll have to use brute force. Be
careful not to break anything!

> for the software install, all I have to do is to put the content of AB040
> folder into my AUTO folder?

EMULATOR.PRG should be started as early as possible, as this is the
program that initialises the Nova and redirects the output to it.

MENU.PRG must be started before STA_VDI.PRG.

STA_VDI.PRG is placed directly before NVDI.

You must either delete or rename the NVDI-drivers
(C:/GEMSYS/NVDIDRV?.SYS), otherwise NVDI's own VDI will take over

The files EMULATOR.BIB, STA_VDI.BIB and STA_VDI.INF must also be
copied to the auto-folder.

To get decent colours you'll also have to install the NOVA_COL
accessory. Unfortunelately it doesn't work properly in truecolour (to
be more correct; the acc works but the VDI doesn't), which results in
some weird icons and colours :-( Geir Řyvind has worked *a lot* on
this problem lately without success.

** Jo Even Skarstein
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