Re: SCSI problems

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 11:08:45 +0100


>It seems that the SCSI-bus is to weak to handle the dataflow, but then
>again, maybe the problem is something totally different.
>The software I have been trying to use is SoundPools CD-Recorder

When testing SCSI transfer speed with SCSI Tools I noticed that on my
machine the speed is limited to about 950 kB/s, while on standard Falcon the
speed is limited to about 1.8 MB/s. This is a noticeable slowdown, but it
should not affect the burning (which is usually done at 300 kB/s).
But transfer speed to SCSI devices under Linux is horrible, under 100 kB/s.
So it is possible that by using certain programming techniques the SCSI bus
might be really too weak on Afterburner...

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