Re: MPEG player

From: Richard Elwell <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 13:19:32 +0000

> Does anyone know of an MPEG player that works with the Nemesis/AB
> combination. The programs I have no longer work -- PLAYMPEG,
> MPEGPLAY, MPEGDSP. I own a registed copy of M_PLAYER but it doesn't
> run the MPG animations I've tried.

A day or two late but here goes.

All of the above work on my AB/Nemesis'd Falcon, although I didn't
try with the Nemesis switched on.

I will have to start by saying that my Falcon's setup has changed
quite a lot recently, and I am still getting to grips with it. The
changes include NVDI 4.11 and a working MiNT/N.AES/Thing setup
(though I didn't use this to test the MPEG players, remind me to
ask some questions about N.AES it was all set up for me and I would
like to learn more about it). As far as I can remember I had no
real problems with any of them with NVDI 2.5.

PlayMPEG (the Griff program) - this played OK for me but seemed much
slower than I remember it from last time. As I have upgraded my
Falcon (AB then Nemesis) I have made some notes of performance
figures for comparison. It was much slower than before. I checked
the TT-RAM flags and found the Program one was not set. I set it and
tried again. This time all I got was a black screen but when I
pressed a key it showed me the fps figure and then exited, all as
normal. So it seemed to be playing it without showing it to me.
Putting the TT-RAM flags back returned it to the slow playing mode.
I don't remember changing the TT-RAM flags on the prog but my
harddrive has been replaced so maybe a change crept in somehow. I
noticed another prog of mine going slower than normal till I changed
the TT-RAM flags.

MPEGDSP seemed OK.

MPEGPlay (the 96K ttp, claiming to be a hack of the Next version)
used to work just fine, though slowly on my Falcon030. Since the AB
it plays OK but never exits properly, it just sticks on the last
frame and locks the machine. I would like to use this player more
because it plays all the frames, including the B and P frames, and
not just the key (I) frames.

M_Player doesn't play MPEGs, or at least the unregistered version I
have, which is quite new doesn't.

I am still puzzled by the black screen on PlayMPEG, perhaps NVDI 4
isn't quite setup correctly. I could try putting v2 back again.

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