Re: SCSI problems

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 15:17:35 +0100


> > > > to version 5 as I got problems with my Nova card (which is working
> Glad to hear you finally got hold of an ISA card for it! :-)

Yup. It took a while but I finaly got one. I might get hold of an even
faster one if I'm lucky. :-)
> Perhaps we could make an attempt to port fVDI to it sometime during the
> upcoming holidays?

Sure. Not that I'm that sure that it can get much faster.
> > Aha, did I get that one? I noticed that enabling the instruction cache with
> > the nova realy made it take off.
> You should _never_ disable the instruction cache with an '040. Without
> burst mode access, every single instruction will take several clock cycles
> to fetch and most of them are supposed to execute in one or two...
> I wouldn't be surprised if performance dropped well below 30%.

Sounds about right. The problem was that when I enabled the instruction cache
with TK4.09 I got some realy "funny" effects on the Nova card. Stuff started
to disapear and text got transparent! In the menues it would just draw text
and no background. Quite funny.... ;-)
> > > > just fine BTW. It's just brain dead fast!). Now when I try to reboot
> I can imagine. It's probably faster for many things than my 166MHz P5/MMX.
> I have a _really_ crappy graphics card in that machine right now.

Maybe. It's very fast at scrolling and drawing plane text.

//Magnus Kollberg
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