Re: SCSI problems

From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 12:56:30 +0100

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Petr Stehlik wrote:

> >Perhaps we could make an attempt to port fVDI to it sometime during the
> >upcoming holidays?
> Since it's clean I wil never get any ISA ATI Mach64 card for my NOVA

I'm still looking for a 2 or 4Mb card, if I find one you can buy my
current card :-)

> interface, I am going to write drivers for a more common ISA VGA card, let's
> say Trident SVGA, or whatever else. I hope I get the card to generate some

Cirrus Logic made some pretty good cards, they're quite fast and easy
to get hold of, atleast here in Norway.

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