Re: SCSI problems

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 14:33:14 +0100


> > Since it's clean I wil never get any ISA ATI Mach64 card for my NOVA
> I'm still looking for a 2 or 4Mb card, if I find one you can buy my
> current card :-)

The same goes for me. :-)
> > interface, I am going to write drivers for a more common ISA VGA card, let's
> > say Trident SVGA, or whatever else. I hope I get the card to generate some
> Cirrus Logic made some pretty good cards, they're quite fast and easy
> to get hold of, atleast here in Norway.

You have said that before and we all know how many you could get then... ;-)
Seriously, the fastest ISA card you can get is probably the Mach64 card but
ofcourse any decent gfx card will still be faster then the videl in higher
resolutions and colour depths. The main problem is to write the drivers....

//Magnus Kollber
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