few questions about MK-X

From: Mau <ricaldi_at_pino.cbb.entelnet.bo>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 07:12:33 -0600

Hi all,

Well finaly I got time to asemble my MK-X, ...but I have a few
questions before I make it.
I downloaded a htlm were describe how to make the buffer modification,
do I need to remove those R221,R216 and R222, that means take it out of
the mother board?, do anyone have a photo of the modification, to have a
good idea how fits every thing. I read something about two types of
falcons, and diferents modifications. well I got TOS 4.04 (it seems that
atari had rewrite, because there is a correction in the chip). And last,
is realy necesary to make this buffer mod, my falcon has an excelent
sound, recording, and playing (all I need to do is turn off that ugly
internal speaker), I never had problems with the SCSI interface (I got a
ZIP drive), even with D2D recording.

Now the good part... The instructions seems to be clear.. at least with
the AB040 card, chip mod, soldering to those rectangular chips, mmm...
the audio plugs, there are 4 big plugs, I guess my miniplugs are not
longer useful. but how to connect to the new plugs?. the original
keyboard has 7pins , the new has 4pins, is that OK?.. well this little
thing, the led. where it goes... better where shall i conect it?.

Thanx in advance..

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