From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 07:52:16 +0100


Well this is sort of off topic, but I guess it could be
interresting info.

I have talked to a developer of the Milan and it sounds like a
realy nice computer and probably the one that will replace the
Falcon as it's realy hard to get hold of Falcon's nowdays.

Anyway the Milan have some very interestnig features.

It will get a new TOS based on TOS 4.
It will get a Falcon compatible IO/Subsystem card.
It will be a 060 version later.

Not to bad and all this will fit in a standard mini tower
case and wont be that expensive either. The 040 version with
Falcon card is said to cost 2000DM.

It's said to be released 1Q 98. The Falcon card and 060 version
will follow that.

That's something! Sounds also much better than the Phenix
which isn't even ready on paper and wont have PCI or TOS
and will as well be more expensive.

//Magnus Kollberg
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