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From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 08:52:47 +0100


Looks like Newsie ha some serious problems as you quote your self...
Isn't newsie better than this? :^)

> >>Mike Grove, if you're still with us, I know you run the Nova. Can
> >>you give any advice. Jo Even Skarstein has been helping me to decide
> >>(and I'm leaning to "yes") but would like to hear from others.
> >>
> >>Thanks!
> >>
> >>Greg
> >>
> >>.
> >
> >Titan sells "extensions" that will lift the NOVA card to clear the fan
> >on the Afterburner. I purchased some pin strips from Digikey to do the
> >same thing, but I installed my NOVA atop a ScreenEye video capture
> >card. Might as well get a couple when you send off your Apex disk for
> >upgrading:).

On my AB040 the Nova interface fits perfectly. No problem at all and I need
no spacers or remove the fan or anything. I think I have got one of the older
AB040s so they might have changed something. I also think that Jo Even said
that the connectors on the AB040 to fit the Nova adapter in wasn't even completely
in parallel. No problems here with that either.

> >I haven't looked at C/S lately, but if you can find one for $25.00,
> >that would be a steal. I didn't have any luck looking around shops in
> >the LA area. I guess Computerinsel is selling the adapters for about
> >$125.00 now. I doubt that HOMA is doing the same, but I guess you
> >could ask.

I don't think HOMA even sells them any longer. If they do they must have them
in stock but I doubt that.

> >About the only time I don't use the NOVA is with Apex Media:). It
> >really changes the way you do computing on the Falcon. If Apex Alpha
> >is ever released, it is suppose to support the NOVA. I hope that the
> >digitising interface is included with this package.

Apex Alpha does support the Nova as well as the digitizer (runns in a window).
Geir has also made a auto switch so that you can start Apex from the desktop
using the Nova and it will automaticly switch over to use the Videl. I havn't
done this yet but I will.

> >I run the card with the Nemesis at 40Mhz without problem, and with the
> >current drivers, have no compatibilty problems with the Afterburner or
> >GEM programs.

Yes it's realy nice. I have also got an update of the STA_VDI and EMULATOR
today which I will try.

> >I don't think I would pay the full retail price again however. I would
> >add that to a pot of money saved for an 060 machine:).

Yeah one of those Milan's when it's ready...... :-)

Anyway, the Nova card is realy good and very fast. Worth any penny if you
can get hold of a Mach64 card. You must be sure that it's the correct
model though and that is why I wanted people to look at there GFX cards
and mail me the names of the chips so that I can put together a list with
tested Mach64 cards. So far I have got only mine (Geir & Jo Even has the same
chips) and Mikes. More would be welcomed.

//Magnus Kollberg
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