Re: Nova and AB

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 10:29:03 +0100


>On my AB040 the Nova interface fits perfectly. No problem at all and I need
>no spacers or remove the fan or anything. I think I have got one of the
>AB040s so they might have changed something. I also think that Jo Even said
>that the connectors on the AB040 to fit the Nova adapter in wasn't even
>in parallel. No problems here with that either.

I have tried to put NOVA on top of my Afterburner. The fan is very very
close but hopefully will not make problems. Unfortunately one of the
connectors on AB is shifted so much it's impossible to insert the NOVA
without very hard pressure. I am afraid I can destroy something during the

>Yes it's realy nice. I have also got an update of the STA_VDI and EMULATOR
>today which I will try.

:-O updates from CI?

>Anyway, the Nova card is realy good and very fast. Worth any penny if you
>can get hold of a Mach64 card.


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