Re: SCSI problems

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 13:01:22 +0100

> > Seriously, the fastest ISA card you can get is probably the Mach64 card but
> > ofcourse any decent gfx card will still be faster then the videl in higher
> > resolutions and colour depths. The main problem is to write the drivers....
> Writing drivers isn't a problem if we can get away with writing only
> the hardware-specific stuff and not an entire VDI. E.g. writing
> drivers for NVDI would have been perfect if 2B had released the specs.
> The ET4000-drivers for NVDI 4 are only a few kB (3 - 5 IIRC), which is
> only a few hundred lines of C-source. Hopefully fVDI will be equally
> modular.

I think fVDI will be just as you want. It would be nice if 2B would release some
info on how to make your own drivers though. NVDI is so much more than just
a replacement VDI.

Also, usually the main problem is to get info on how the gfx card works.

//Magnus Kollberg
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