Re: Nova and AB

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 13:04:15 +0100


> >in parallel. No problems here with that either.
> I have tried to put NOVA on top of my Afterburner. The fan is very very
> close but hopefully will not make problems. Unfortunately one of the
> connectors on AB is shifted so much it's impossible to insert the NOVA
> without very hard pressure. I am afraid I can destroy something during the
> inserting...

Well I guess there must be different layouts of the AB040 then as there are
no problems at all to fit the Nova adapter on my AB040.
> >Yes it's realy nice. I have also got an update of the STA_VDI and EMULATOR
> >today which I will try.
> :-O updates from CI?

Yup. Gerhard is actually very helpfull and quick to answer. :-)

I will put up some Nova stuff on my webpage very soon.
//Magnus Kollberg
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