Re: Milan at Atari paris sowh - 6,7 december 1997

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 13:16:59 +0100


> yes, it's TRUE !!! i saw it at the last Atari show at Paris (7 Decmeber 1997)
> and it's a really nice mother board. The milan is really a beautifull machine
> and for a incridble price:

Yeah I know. It's not bad at all. One thing that I miss is that they doesn't promote
it as much as all those Amiga guys does. Most people doesn't even know about it.
There isn't much to find abnout it on the web either.
> mother board + 8 Mo RAM (St-ram, or Tt-ram i don't know), display video
> card PCI, PC keyboard, mouse, mini tower, small hard disk (unkow size),
> TOS 4.x + floppy disk (in fact all required componants, just whitout the
> VGA monitor) for about 1400 deutsch mark !!!!!!!!!!!
> if it was to sell, i think i bought one immediatly !!!

Hmm... maybe. It would be sad to have to stop using the Falcon though. I kind
of like it. :-)

So how was the show otherwise? Did Oxo show the Evolution this year as well?
Will they ever sell it?

//Magnus Kollberg
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