Re: Nova and AB

From: M.Grove <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 00:37:26 -0800 (PST)

(A little snipped)
>> >About the only time I don't use the NOVA is with Apex Media:). It
>> >really changes the way you do computing on the Falcon. If Apex Alpha
>> >is ever released, it is suppose to support the NOVA. I hope that the
>> >digitising interface is included with this package.
>Apex Alpha does support the Nova as well as the digitizer (runns in a window).

The ScreenEye software will work on the NOVA, but the color pallet is
not correct, and only works in 32K color mode. It is nice working at
1024*768 over 320*200 with the video capture:). Would be nice if
Tripod was NOVA compatible.

>Geir has also made a auto switch so that you can start Apex from the desktop
>using the Nova and it will automaticly switch over to use the Videl. I havn't
>done this yet but I will.

I haven't tried that feature of the NOVA drivers (res change with specific
applications) yet. Does this switch work with the TK driver (override the
NOVA video mode setting)?

>//Magnus Kollberg

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