From: Laurent Favard <l.favard_at_france2.fr>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 15:26:54 +0100

yes....i like a lot my Falcon and even one day i bought a milan, i keep my
falcon+AB040 !!!!

(do you know the milan's wab page ?? :

humm...if i remenber, the mother board Evolution was present...yes...it
was, but cause i was very busy to talk with the guys about the milan, i
complety forgot to return to the Oxo's place....(sorry ;-) )
if you want you can visit their web pages:


but, i'm sure that the Evolution was present ! Now, if it was just a
prototype or if it available, i don't know....:-(
it sad, because i would like to know if this mother board can work with
the Afterburnner...in this case, we could get more power ??!!

a small demonstration about dolmen...it seems work, but it was not

else at this show, we have presented our new jaguar development kit.
it was just the very first protoype and it isn't completed, the board and the
beta release of our jaguar's boot code and GEm program server was
But, it seems that people was interresting....and expect we'll early
complete it because they would like to develop somes programs for the
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