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From: Mau <>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 11:48:46 -0600


 When I boot my computer, without the TK, only with the bootdriver, all
works OK, but with the TK driver.. when the desktop shows, the icons are
a mess, if i try to select a option in the menu bar, the computer crash
with 3 bombs, well.. I run some programs, like gembench, apex media, and
there seems be no problem, is the desktop, and the menu bar..
Yesterday I fit the AB040, but there are tree components I don't have
idea where goes, like a connector, with a large thing in the end of it,
B221/331G, 221/3311, L8S 220/330.. it has 8 pins. do anyone had deal
with this little things?

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