My poor Falcon PSU

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(holy cow batman, look at that headder)??

Can I add a Nova card and replace the 2 1/2" IDE with a 3 1/2" model
without blowing the power supply on the Falcon. I already have an
Afterburner with 2 SIMMs and Nemesis installed. I don't have a
problem with replacing the PSU, if I have to. How about with just
the Nova and still keeping the 2 1/2" drive?


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I ran the NOVA in my C-LAB with the Might Sonic and a 3.5"IDE, but the
drive did have problems starting up sometimes. I wasn't sure if it was
the due to the drive or P/S. I did have two 3.5" drives connected too, and
it still acted the same way (didn't seem to put more load on the P/S).
It never did any damage to the P/S thou. I didn't try it with the
I would image that drives vary to the current they need to operate and
spin-up. You might get lucky with the right combo if you use a low
power consumption drive. The NOVA is connected to the 5V if I remember
right, and you would be taking some load off by not utilizing the 5V
on the IDE and tieing into the 12V for the 3.5. I think the worst that
could happen would be difficulty spinning up. I'm currently using a
Maxtor 1.6 gb IDE drive (forgot the model).
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