Re: Burning CDs

From: M.Grove <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 17:53:28 -0800 (PST)

Hi Petr,

>.... and if your software does not offer the option, use Linux, which is
>free and can burn CDs very easily :-) (I write it because I just noticed
>that a burning SW for Atari costs 200 pounds :-O )
> WWW: PARCP development
> e-mail: MiNT/Linux user
> mirror: AfterBurner040 owner

I almost purchased CD Recorder from an American Importer last week,
but decide it would be cheaper to get a 486PC and purchase an IDE CD writer
for $250.00 than to buy a SCSI writer and CD-Recorder software.

I have the delta labs Linux/68k CD Rom. I once tried to install it and
run X on my Mighty Sonic 030. I could get Linux to boot, but X would
stop with an error. Something about the keyboard. I thought it might
have been because I use a Deka PC keyboard interface. The CD says it
is release 0.9 pl13.

I would like to give it a shot on the 040 machine, mostly to be able
to write to CD's. Can I use the Linux CD to install Linux and then upgrade
to the version you have posted? Maybe you could give me a few tips on
what I need in addition to what I already have:).

Do you know off hand (top of your head:) what make CD Recorders the
Linux package supports, and if the use of IDE is available?

Thanks a bunch,

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