Re: Burning CDs

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 08:23:55 +0100

>Hi Petr,


>>.... and if your software does not offer the option, use Linux, which is
>>free and can burn CDs very easily :-) (I write it because I just noticed
>>that a burning SW for Atari costs 200 pounds :-O )

>I have the delta labs Linux/68k CD Rom. I once tried to install it and
>is release 0.9 pl13.

This is simply _too_ old (about two years). You can throw it away, it has
nothing common with current Linux (2.1.64+)

>I would like to give it a shot on the 040 machine, mostly to be able
>to write to CD's. Can I use the Linux CD to install Linux and then upgrade
>to the version you have posted? Maybe you could give me a few tips on
>what I need in addition to what I already have:).

No, it's impossible to upgrade from 0.9 to 2.x, because the format of file
system changed several times since 0.9.

Atari/Amiga people used to install Linux from so called Watchtower
distribution. I did it as well two times, so you might try it as well.
Nowadays I play with Debian Linux distribution - it's somewhere between
alpha and beta stage of testing, but it mostly works (but not on 040, since
there's something broken).

So, you could try installing Linux from Watchtower II, which can probably be
found at main m68k-linux ftp archive or you can try

You should also watch the Debian since it might be released sometime in
(near?) future:, currently m68k linux is in
hamm/hamm/ subdirectory

>Do you know off hand (top of your head:) what make CD Recorders the
>Linux package supports, and if the use of IDE is available?

I am not sure, but generally Linux supports everything, though SCSI writers
are much more common (IDE might not be reliable for burning CD-ROMs). Simply
install Linux and try it out.

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