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From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 08:35:46 +0100

>Hi Petr,


>I've just downloaded your complete Linux version for the afterburner.
>Well it's not running. The file says that Linux is patched for
>16MB FastRam Afterburners. Mine only has 8MB but 14MB ST-Ram. Is that
>the problem, and if so, do you have a version that would run on my
>system setup'?'

I probably made a great mistake when I wrote somewhere that a Linux kernel
is patched for 16 MB FastRAM of Afterburner. That's not true. Linux will
work with _any_ memory setup, it just has to know where the memory is.
There's BOOT16.TOS which is patched for 16 MB of FastRAM (better said the 16
MB value is hardwired there). However, when you have put your FastRAM SIMM
into the right first slot, you can use general ataboot.ttp (or bootstra.ttp
or whatever the name is) and it will launch Linux with proper memory setup.

In the worst case you can disable FastRAM completely with '-t' switch on the
command line or in the bootargs file.

>Also I am totally new to Linux. And you said, that I could be burning
>CDs with it. Are there any hints or help you could give me?
>It would be great if you could:

People totally new to Linux should start to ask in Linux mailing lists,
there are much more experienced Linux users than me (I hope). There's also a
comprehensive Linux-m68k FAQ out there (try looking for it at, the basic idea of
burning CD's is as follows:

- you need no special CD Recording software
- the burning goes in two steps - first you build the image, then you copy
it to the CD writer
- for building the image use 'mkisofs' command (MaKe ISO FileSystem).
- after building the image you can mount it as a read-only harddrive and you
can go through the directories and check if everything is OK
- then you copy the image to the CD writer (I think so, I haven't tried it

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