Re: Nova and AB

From: M. Grove <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 12:44:23 -0700

Magnus Kollberg wrote:
> Hi,
> > >Apex Alpha does support the Nova as well as the digitizer (runns in a window).
> >
> > The ScreenEye software will work on the NOVA, but the color pallet is
> > not correct, and only works in 32K color mode. It is nice working at
> > 1024*768 over 320*200 with the video capture:). Would be nice if
> > Tripod was NOVA compatible.
> Hohohh.... 1024x768.... ny monitor wouldn't like that, that is for sure.
> Regarding Tripod, why not ask Doug if he is still around somewhere.

I think he must have found a girl friend near his new flat:). Doug
worked with me sorting out some problems with Tripod and ScreenEye. I
had mentioned NOVA support, but as we all know he is pretty busy:0).

> Another mroe serious problem is that I can't get Apex Alpha to work at
> all on the Nova..... maybe it's MagiC which makes troubles.

I just wish I had it to beta test:). Must be nice to be special:).

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