ScreenEye & Pure C

From: M.Grove <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 23:45:51 -0800 (PST)

Well it's time to ask my by-yearly question about ScreenEye and the
NOVA card:).

I use to have an Expose, but that is another story:(.

With the ScreenEye package comes source code for Pure C covering the
utilites used for video mode configuration and image capture. The
software will work on the A/B-Falcon-NOVA setup, but capture display is not
correct as the software expects to be run in Falcon TC mode only. The
video and images are however stored properly, and can be viewed
outside the ScreenEye utilitys. It makes it a bit difficult to know
when to start and stop a clip, or when a still is in the right frame.
I have to run in 32k color mode, any screen size, to do this. The
software does not function right (redraws are messed) in 64k or 24bit
modes. What does make it desirable is being able to work at 1024*768
as opposed to Falcon TC modes. The menus and windows function

Could anyone with some experience in Pure C, or Lattice C for that
matter (the source dosen't look to complicated compaired to some I
have seen) look at the source for me and tell if it is possible to
correct the above problem? I have Lattice C 5.6, DevPack (which I use
for a text editor:( and Face Value and GFA 3.6TT for tools, but am
definetly not an experienced programmer.

It's not a very big file, and would gladly email it to anyone

Thanks for the time,

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