Re: XFRB problems?

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 10:15:11 +0100


> I recently found I was having 4 bomb crashes when using GEMAR (3.06).
> I disabled as much as possible in AUTO folder and ACCs but that just
> changed it to a 2 bomb crash.
> I disabled the 'Allocate TTRAM' program flag and the problem was solved..
> although of course the maximum memory I can then use as a buffer is what
> is left of my 4 megs of slow RAM. This isn't so hot as my HP C1533A DAT
> streams at about 500kb/s without compression and with small files the
> Falcon can't keep up with it to keep it streaming.
> Well I suspect this problem arose when I changed from the AHDI+HDDRIVER
> 6.13 to HDDRIVER 7.02. Of course I have XFRB disabled in HDDRIVER.. but I
> am wondering if there is a problem between the AB TK and GEMAR... GEMAR is
> using the new facilities in HDDRIVER to support tape devices (instead of
> me running the SCSIDRV.PRG which comes with GEMAR).
> Perhaps if HDDRIVER autoboots without it's own XFRB then it doesn't pick
> up the TKROMDRV one (as it is not yet created).. so maybe I should go back
> to AHDI autoboot and HDDRIVER running in AUTO folder after TKROMDRV.
> Anyone one with any comments?

Well this sounds like a Doug problem so I will forward it to him. I have also
talked to Doug and he might get back soon! :-)

//Magnus Kollberg
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