AB040 problems

From: Magnus Kollberg <Magnus.Kollberg_at_emw.ericsson.se>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 10:13:02 +0100


> Well, last monday, I fit my AfterBurner in my Nemesised Falcon 030 and I have a few problems :
> - I can't make the toolkit 5 work : there are either at least two bombs on the boot or when the
> desktop appears, there are display matters and it reboots !!
> Note that the toolkit 4 works perfectly on my Falcon ...

So use version 4 then. :-)

Maybe it's a problem with your Fast-RAM? Which slots do you use and how much Fast-RAM?

> - In Nemesis Low Mode, I think the DSP isn't enough fast ( 40 MHz ) against the 68040 so some
> programs have difficulties to transfer data to the DSP and it stops the Falcon 030. I've heard
> about a patch or the DSP transfer : is it true ? If it exists, where can I found it ?
> Isn't it possible to have the DSP at 50 MHz in Nemesis Low Mode so that the DSP will be again
> enough fast !!

Well which programs do you get problems with?

One thing to do is to always use handshake when talking to the DSP. This will always work
and should realy be used as it will also make the programs work with any kind of accelerated
falcon. I have talked to a guy which makes music software and they failed on my falcon. When
he added an option to use handshake they all worked! The same problems arrised with Nemesis
on a regular Falcon030.

> - Does someone had made the switch to switch between AB040 and Falcon 030 ?? Does it work well ??

Well Geir (who else?) did it and I think it works just fine.

Take a look at my webpage. There you can find links to most AB040 related stuff.


//Magnus Kollberg
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