Re: AB040 problems

From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 15:16:42 +0100

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Magnus Kollberg wrote:

> > - I can't make the toolkit 5 work : there are either at least two
> bombs on the boot or when the > desktop appears, there are display
> matters and it reboots !! > Note that the toolkit 4 works perfectly
> on my Falcon ...

It certainly works fine here. It's either a problem with
running-order, or some conflicting auto-program/accessory. This is how
my auto-folder looks like when I run MagiC with TK5:



I only have two accessories, ZControl and ST-Guide. The problem can
also be FastRAM-related, how much FastRAM do you have? And in which
slot(s)? I have 32Mb in the first slot (the one closest to the AB
expansion-port) and 16Mb in the second slot. At first MagiC wouldn't
boot if the second slot was enabled (magxboot crashed at the second
boot), but now it seems to work fine.

And which harddisk-driver do you use? I boot directly with HD-Driver
6.30, this works perfectly for me. Some people prefer to boot with
AHDI and put HD-Driver in the auto-folder, you should try that too.
And don't forget to disable the XFRB-option if you use HD-Driver!

> So use version 4 then. :-)

Probably best for MagiC. TK 5 is much easier to set up and much more
reliable with other stuff like TOS or MiNT though.

> > - In Nemesis Low Mode, I think the DSP isn't enough fast ( 40 MHz
> ) against the 68040 so some > programs have difficulties to transfer
> data to the DSP and it stops the Falcon 030. I've heard > about a
> patch or the DSP transfer : is it true ? If it exists, where can I
> found it ? > Isn't it possible to have the DSP at 50 MHz in Nemesis
> Low Mode so that the DSP will be again > enough fast !!

No problem, just remove the lead from Nemesis to the DSP and use your
own oscillator. I have a 50MHz oscillator installed, which means that
the DSP runs constantly at 50MHz. It has done so for almost two years
now without one single problem. Highly recommended!

BTW. does this happens only under MagiC? If this is the case it might
be MagiC's fault and not the DSP. On my Falcon MagiC crashes the first
time the DSP is accessed, after a warm reset it works fine. Don't ask
me why...

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