Re: AB040 problems

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 16:28:55 +0100

> I only have two accessories, ZControl and ST-Guide. The problem can
> also be FastRAM-related, how much FastRAM do you have? And in which
> slot(s)? I have 32Mb in the first slot (the one closest to the AB
> expansion-port) and 16Mb in the second slot. At first MagiC wouldn't
> boot if the second slot was enabled (magxboot crashed at the second
> boot), but now it seems to work fine.

Hmmm... what do you mean with this? Does MagiC work with both SIMS
enabled or not?
> > So use version 4 then. :-)
> Probably best for MagiC. TK 5 is much easier to set up and much more
> reliable with other stuff like TOS or MiNT though.

Well if someone realy wants me to, I could make the Config Tool for version
5 work with 4 as well. But I wont do it if there isn't enough demand for
it as there are alot of switches to set there.....

Anyone desperatly needing it? Hmm... I might do it for my own sake, but I
don't change much these days as it works fine for me.
> BTW. does this happens only under MagiC? If this is the case it might
> be MagiC's fault and not the DSP. On my Falcon MagiC crashes the first
> time the DSP is accessed, after a warm reset it works fine. Don't ask
> me why...

Strange. I have tested alot of DSP programs under MagiC and almost all work,
except some which doesn't work under TOS either. All the problems I wrote about
some time ago had to do with the fact that the 040 was to fast so using handshake
was necessary.

Give me a program and I will test it and see if it works or not.

//Magnus Kollberg
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