Re: AB040 problems

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 12:35:09 +0100


> > Hmmm... what do you mean with this? Does MagiC work with both SIMS
> > enabled or not?
> It works :-) For some reason it just started to work, don't ask me
> how. I haven't changed anything.

Hmm... does anyone else have this problem with MagiC? Maybe there could
be a problem with MAGXBOT.PRG? If there is it should be fixable as Doug
has got the source code for it. Also, wouldn't it be possible to add
memroy protection of the MagiC kernal into MAGXBOT.PRG, Doug?

There are also two different MAGXBOT.PRG. The regular and one called MAGXB32.PRG
which has something to do with 32-bit.... the latter was necessary to get
the memory protection to work. It would be nice to be able to write protect the
memory area where MagiC is located.

//Magnus Kollberg
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