Re: Nova card and XBOOT

From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 12:21:24 +0100

On Fri, 9 Jan 1998 wrote:

> Anyway, if you use XBOOTs batch file process you can write a series
> of instructions to rename the .SYS files in your NVDI/GDOS folder
> to and from SYS/SYX. I thought I was going to have to write a
> program to do that, but XBOOT seems to do the trick as the batch
> file is run immediately after choosing a set.

I've tried this, and it works fine but has one drawback; you have to
write separate batch-"files" for each set. I've written two simple
programs that does the same thing. If anybody is interested just mail

Btw. if you have a C-compiler it's probably faster to write them

#include <tos.h>

void main(void)
#ifdef NVDI_OFF
        Frename(0, "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV1.SYS", "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV1.SYX");
        Frename(0, "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV2.SYS", "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV2.SYX");
        Frename(0, "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV4.SYS", "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV4.SYX");
        Frename(0, "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV8.SYS", "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV8.SYX");
        Frename(0, "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRVH.SYS", "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRVH.SYX");
        Frename(0, "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV1.SYX", "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV1.SYS");
        Frename(0, "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV2.SYX", "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV2.SYS");
        Frename(0, "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV4.SYX", "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV4.SYS");
        Frename(0, "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV8.SYX", "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRV8.SYS");
        Frename(0, "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRVH.SYX", "C:\\GEMSYS\\NVDIDRVH.SYS");

A quick two-minute hack, but it turned out to work fine so I haven't
bothered writing anything more elegant.

> Hey Doug, can you write a patch to...something... to allow people
> to use their 14 mb boards with a Nova, say masking out the upper
> 4 megs? This way we drop from 14 to 10 megs instead if 4 megs when

I don't think this is possible...

> mb memory option. I've got plenty of Fast RAM but not everything
> uses it and dropping back to 4 mb may be tight for some programs.

I haven't had any problems with this, and I've used more than 3Mb
ST-RAM for various buffers.

> 32 mb SIMMs are now selling for under $40 here in the DC area!

When I upgraded my Falcon to 14Mb two and a half years ago I paid
NOK3600 (~$510) for a 16Mb SIMM. Two months ago I paid less than a
tenth of that for a 32Mb :-)

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