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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 23:10:49 -0500

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"As Steinberg doesn't care much about supporting CAF these days,
wouldn't it be possible to license it from them and fix it?

As Charlie Steinberg apparently has got a weak heart for Atari
maybe it's possible and wouldn't cost much if any. Steinberg
would still own the rights for it.

Am I living in a dream world or??

If it was possible, only the sky is the limit of what can be

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All of us probably don't have enough money :-)

Plus Doug would probably be the only one able to understand the code. Its a
hell of alot
of stuff and it has all their midi stuff which is the same as on all
versions of Cubase
more or less.

Charlie does have a soft spot but...

As you know Charlie did get the info about AB040 & Fastram that Doug posted
here awhile
ago, he even tried to updated it but .....

Doug, did Charlie ever get in touch with you?

Sorry about being vague on a few things but I still haven't gotten a reply
from the middle man. The one that has a direct line to Charlie.


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