Writeprotect MagiC

From: Magnus Kollberg <Magnus.Kollberg_at_emw.ericsson.se>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 11:17:54 +0100


Well I was reading the news (internet newsgroups) about this MAG2ROM
program that Uwe did for MagiC to write protect the MagiC kernel.

I have always asumed that it just writeprotected the memory
area where MagiC lays, but now I started to think. The name is
MAG2ROM. It sounds like you should burn MagiC into a ROM, but
maybe it's called like that because it changes the memory adress
of MagiC to lay in the adress area where ROM reagulary is located?

I think you can use the MMU to do such things or?

Anyway, it was just a thought I got from a mail I read.... or I'm
totaly out in the blue now....

Here is what was said...


>I konw that you can
>use the MMU to write protect memory areas (Uwe does it with is MAG2ROM
>of whatever it's called), so the OS should be able to write protect
>all memory except the applications own when it switch task, or??

I always assumed from the name MAG2ROM that it did just that. Allow
you to put MagiC into a ROM whereupon it would be in supervisor space,
possibly the data as well because the lower ram is also supervisor

Not knowing anything about MAG2ROM, this could all be totally wrong so
could someone who does know please dive in 'cos I'm just guessing!


Doug any comment?

//Magnus Kollberg
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