Re: magic's kernel burnning into a rom

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 14:37:31 +0100


> Well, I dont know much about magic, but of course it is possible to burn
> it into a rom. There maybe two small problems:
> 1. The Falcon-ROM ist 16bit chip with capacity of 4Mbits (or was it 8?)
> and most ROM-writers only support 8bit Chips. But at university there
> should be no problem in doing it :)

I have one here at work...

> 2. You will have to recode magic. The ROM must start with a complete
> bootup-seqeunce. You maybe have to add some stuff to reset and init
> hardware, but maybe it is already present, then must find thomething
> like:
> tst.w sys_ctl
> reset
> tst.w sys_ctl
> ...
> or something like this. The other thing is that magic surely has some
> data inside code, which is write by it. Of course ROM is read only, so
> you have to allocate this stuff in RAM.

Well it is possible to burn MagiC into ROM, atleast it was with previous
versions so it should not have changed with the latest (5.20).

There is a program for generating the needed file but I don't know anyone
who has done it. I don't see any reason why you would do it either. It
would be better to patch TOS and burn it into RAM. Maybe TOS 6 could be
an alternative if it ever gets released and if it's any good.

//Magnus Kollberg
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