Re: Memory access

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 15:56:14 +0100

Hi All,

> I don't think the difference between a Hades040 and an AB040 should be
>> significant, though.
>Probably not and I think it was a Hades040 Petr had tested it on.

I was testing Hades60, believe me or not. The numbers of the faster Hades
are at home, I'll send it tonight to the list.

As for Hades40, the Nembench numbers are exactly the same (FastRAM reading,
integer and FPU calculations) with only one exceptions: Hades40 has twice
faster writting to FastRAM.

So the whole discussion is about the Hades60_at_66 / Hades40_at_32 MHz speed
ratio. As you can see from the frequencies, the Hades60 is at least twice as
fast as Hades40, so its about twice as fast as Afterburner040_at_40 MHz.

And Magnus, please don't compare RAM and ROM speed results of Gembench :-)

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