Re: Memory access

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 16:21:39 +0100


> > I don't think the difference between a Hades040 and an AB040 should be
> >> significant, though.
> >
> >Probably not and I think it was a Hades040 Petr had tested it on.
> I was testing Hades60, believe me or not. The numbers of the faster Hades
> are at home, I'll send it tonight to the list.

Yeah please do. I can include them on my webpages.
> As for Hades40, the Nembench numbers are exactly the same (FastRAM reading,
> integer and FPU calculations) with only one exceptions: Hades40 has twice
> faster writting to FastRAM.

Oh, that's bad. ;-)
> And Magnus, please don't compare RAM and ROM speed results of Gembench :-)

Why not? I do what I like and I did get a quite strange discusion going...


//Magnus Kollberg
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