Re: Memory access

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 14:03:27 +0100


> > Well I just thought that I should tell you all (Petr has already said it)
> > that the AB040 has realy super duper fast memory access compared to the Hades.
> That doesn't sound right.

No it doesn't. But the Hades doesn't have Fast-RAM only ST-RAM. It still
doesn't sound right though as it shouldn't be any difference.
> > I have just seen some figures compared to the Hades060 and the AB040 has 3!
> > times! (that is 300% faster guys compared with a Hades) as fast memory access
> According to what benchmark?

Heheheee... who cares? ;-)

Well it's GEMBENCH..... I know that it's not the best to use but it's strange
that it should be so expeptinal wrong as it sounds.

On the AB040 you get something like 1000% in memory acces but the Hades only
gives you > 300%. On the other side the ROM acess figures on the Hades hit
the roof.... they were at 2400%. Sounds more correct. Maybe the AB040 fools
GEMBENCH somehow, but NEMBENCH still gives you ~ 600% on the AB040.

But also, Petr did say that Quake on the Hades were slower than on the AB040 so
something fishy is going on in the Hades.

> I tested a Hades myself with Nembench about half a year ago and, AFAICR,
> that was quite a bit _faster_ than my AB040.

Well ST-RAM access is faster (it's actually as fast as Fast-RAM access
as it's the same thing) and everything else (graphics, scrolling etc.)
is twice as fast.

> I probably still have a file with the results somewhere.

Dig it out.

//Mangus Kollberg
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