Re: Magic 5.13 problems

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 10:14:08 +0100


> i just bought Magic 5.13 yesterday. I have got a falcon+AB040+16 Mo
> TT-Ram (just one simm plugged) And after to installed (with success)
> Magic (with the standard install program) i tried to start it.

Well if you just bought MagiC you should have got version 5.20 as it's
the latest.
> so problems began....thus, any time i open a window or clic an icon on
> the magic desktop, the following message occured:
> In french: "Appel aes 60 erronee"
> In english: "Bad Aes call 60"
> I don't understand what's happened :-((

Neither do I and I have never seen this. You realy should ask Andreas Kromke
about this.
> i can just say, that if i move the vertical slider from a window, the contain
> occurs, but not the first are displaying at the window's open.

> PLEEEEEEASE HELP ME....i don't know what to do :-(((((((


Try Andreas or ask in the newsgroups, I can do it if you want.

//Mangus Kollberg
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