Re: Magic 5.13 problems -REPONSE -REPONSE -REPONSE

From: Laurent Favard <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 13:48:11 +0100

i have only the startup, the tk, magxboot, 68881, nvdi and vi.

the very strange think is that it seems is only a message from magxdesk,
but i'm not sure; and the varsion of magic is 5.13 but the information
window display magic 5 version 5.04a ...

a last small thing when i boot my falcon, startup display the TOS and
gemdos version...

without magic, my tos version is 4.04 (naturally)

with magic 5.13 startup display a TOS version 4. i know with magic 4,
TOS version is 3.
is it correct ????
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