From: Laurent Favard <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 15:41:53 +0100

okay, and thanks a lot magnus !

i just been contacted by the seller, and it is possible that i have two disks
from two different magic version. it could be explain why i have two
different version number in the install program and in the information

i will test tonight to re install it, but from the floppy disk, this time....And
with disable all programs (Auto, acc) as possible.
cause, becarefull, it seems that the instal disk have got a protection, wich
don't allows to backup the disk to do a install from the HD.

i will re try it and after, i will see if there are really problems with the
package or it was just because i didn't installed with the original disks...

thank you and i will tell you tomorow where i will be :-)
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