Just some bragging...

From: Jo Even Skarstein <joska_at_nuts.edu>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 01:01:14 +0100


I just wanted to tell everybody that I now have a brand new 17"
monitor connected to my Nova-card, and it looks absolutely stunning
:-) What's even cooler is that I have the old 14" connected to the
Videl, so I can run the virtual consoles on one monitor and GEM on

Very practical some times, esp. when I'm online: CAB (it's really fast
and smooth on the AB/Nova-combo) on the big screen and pine, tin and a
couple of telnet-sessions on the small one.

Thanks to Magnus for telling me about ComputerInsel's cheap
Nova-adapters and Geir for the Mach64-card :-)

** Jo Even Skarstein http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~josk/
** beer - maria mckee - atari falcon - babylon 5
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