Nova graphics cards

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 98 01:17 GMT0

I've also got a Nova adapter sitting here waiting for me to find a card.

I think I have found another (not cheap) US source on the web:

A printout from work seems to show the site as

Graphics Xpression 2mB ISA DRAM $168.80 ($119 at Harmony)
Graphics Pro Turbo 2mB ISA VRAM $338.66 ($249 at Harmony)
Graphics Pro Turbo 4mB ISA VRAM $525.39 ($349 at Harmony)

One thing which would aid my search is to be clearer on what are the names
of the cards to look out for:

The list I think I have is:

Graphics Ultra? (VRAM??)
Video Xpression? (DRAM but faster & newer than Graphics Ultra?)
Graphics Xpression (DRAM)
3D Xpression? (prob. not Mach64?)
Graphics Pro Turbo (VRAM)
Graphics Pro Turbo 1600 (VRAM) (Is this 4 instead of 2MB VRAM?)

No warranty on the above list - very likely riddled with inaccuracies!

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