Re: TCache

From: Johan Klockars <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 11:29:38 +0100 (MET)

> better than AHDI. Anyway, I noticed a program called TCache included with
> it as shareware. Can that be safely used with the Afterburner?

I only tried if for a short while, but it seemed to work (see below).

For some strange reason, I've never really been able to use TCache (this was
true even before I bought the AB040) very well.
When I try to change the settings they usually return to their defaults
right away or even to something else entirely. It also seems completely
impossible to turn on the write caching, without which I don't see much
point in using a HD chache program.

Has anyone got that program to work? How?

I talked to Uwe Seimet about this once, but he seemed to think that anyone
who wanted to use write caching was insane (that would include most PC (and
probably Mac) users as well as all UNIX users...) anyway.

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