Re: Arrrgh! Magic!

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 09:58:23 +0100


> Still no success running MagiC with TK 5.07. I've got it running
> a lttle better by chaging the AUTO order to MAGXBOOT before TK but
> after the reboot it locks up as soon as TK runs. I've fiddled with
> Fast-load and Fast-RAM settings but still no luck! Fortunately,

Well I di dsay that I would mail you my config settings.... so I will
do it tomorrow.

Anyway, I guess you have tested it this way.

First, unselect everything in the tool kit and everything in the
auto folder except the driver and MAGXBOOT. The driver _must_ run
before the MAGXBOOT. With 4.09 the only thing you should need to set is
Resurrect PMMU. You can also play with the fast-RAM flags for MAGXBOOT.

Preferably use tk 4.09 to start with as well. TK4.09 has special setups
include for MagiC and textfiles.

One thing to try is to also rename magx.inf to something else, this way
you will be seur that MagiC doesn't try to do something strange.

Also which version of MagiC do you use?

//Magnus Kollberg
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